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Jackson County Historic Marker


Location of sign - 102 East Laurel Street, Scottsboro, Alabama

Photo taken- August 2006


Jackson County Historic Marker

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Jackson County Courthouse And The Scottsboro Boys


Constructed in 1911-1912 and designed by architect Richard H. Hunt, the Jackson County Courthouse is a Neo- Classical, brick

building situated on a town square in Scottsboro, the county seat of Jackson County.  The front, two-story portion is supported by four stone columns of the Doric order.  A cupola on the top contains a Seth Thomas clock.


This courthouse was the site of the first of the Scottsboro Boys trials.  Two white women accused nine black teenagers of rape on 

March 25, 1931, while riding a freight train as it passed through Jackson County.  In April 1931, at the first of the four trials, a jury 

convicted eight of the nine defendants and sentenced them to death.  The judge declared a mistrial in the case of one defendant.

Soon after the guilty verdicts, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the International 

Labor Defense (ILD) came to the defense of the "Scottsboro Boys," contending the trials were unconstitutional.

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This marker erected in 1963 by the Jackson County Historical Association and the Alabama State 



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