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St. Clair County Historic Marker


Location of sign - 129 5th Avenue, Ashville, Alabama


Photo taken- September 2006


St. Clair County Historic Marker

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


A County Older Than The State


St. Clair County 


Created in 1818 by territorial legislature. Named for first settlers from Tennessee, Georgia- veterans of Creek Indian War, 



Pell City established as industrial town in 1890 by George H. Pell of New York.


Growth of population south of Backbone Mt. and difficulty of crossing mountain led to branch county seat here in 1902.  County 

seat at Ashville since 1822.


Old Indian trails thru this county used by:

Desoto's Spanish conquistador's- 1540

Andrew Jackson's forces- 1813-14

General Rosseau, Craxton- 1864-65


Alabama Historical Association 


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