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Navajo Bridge - Historic Navajo Bridge


Location of sign - Navajo Bridge on US 89 in Arizona


Photo taken- July 2008


Historic Navajo Bridge Interpretive Sign at Navajo Bridge in Arizona

Close up view of sign


Historic Navajo Bridge Interpretive Sign at Navajo Bridge in Arizona

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


Historic Navajo Bridge  Dedicated June 14-15, 1929


The Vital Link


When the Historic Navajo Bridge opened on January 12, 1929, Flagstaff's newspaper, the Coconino Sun, called it "the biggest 

news in Southwest history."  It was the only bridge across the Colorado River for some 600 miles (965 km) and was a vital link in

the first direct highway route between Arizona and Utah.


By easing access to this remote and rugged region, the bridge played a valuable and lasting role in transportation, commerce and 

tourism in northern Arizona and southern Utah.


A 500 Pound Shot!


When the historic Navajo Bridge was constructed in 1929, blasting the canyon walls was permitted.

"The closing of the two great halves of the arch bridging the Colorado River has marked a milestone in the history of highway 

construction in Arizona." - Ralph A Hoffman, State Bridge Engineer 1928


Ribbons of Steel


The historic Navajo Bridge was constructed as two cantilevered arch halves, each extending 305 ft (94 m) over the gorge.


The Flagstaff side of the arch was erected first and took two months to complete.  The Fredonia side of the arch was finished two

and a half months later.  The arch was closed on September 12, 1928.


Tale of the Tape


At the time of its construction, the historic Navajo Bridge was the highest steel arch bridge in the world.


Total length: 834 ft (254 m)

Steel arch length: 616 ft (188 m)

Arch rise: 90 ft (27.4 m)

Height above the river: 467 ft (142 m)

Width of the roadway: 18 ft (5.5 m)

Amount of steel: 2.4 million lbs (1,689,000 kg)

Amount of concrete: 500 cu yards (385 m) 

Amount of steel reinforcement: 82,000 lbs (37,000 kg)

Construction cost: $390 thousand


Graphics on the Sign


In addition to the text there are historical photos of the bridge and its construction.


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