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Navajo Bridge - Wayside Observation Shelter


Location of sign - Navajo Bridge on US 89 in Arizona


Photo taken- July 2008


Wayside Observation Shelter Sign at Navajo Bridge in Arizona


Text of sign:


Wayside Observation Shelter


Although the historic Navajo Bridge was opened in 1929, the road from Flagstaff to Kanab, Utah,  wasn't paved completely until

1937.  The improved road encouraged automobile travel, and motorists often stopped here to enjoy the views of the colorful 

canyon and the graceful steel arch bridge.


The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the Wayside Observation Shelter between 1938 and 1941 to accommodate the 

increase in visitors to the site.  The shelter's rustic architecture is intended to resemble the remains of an early pioneer building and is 

typical of the architecture you will see throughout the national park system in the west.

Graphics on the Sign


In addition to the text there is a drawing of the shelter by Cannon and Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers.


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