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Grand Canyon Arizona - Welcome to Indian Garden


Location of sign - Bright Angel Trail at Indian Garden in the Grand Canyon


Photo taken- December 2009


Welcome to Indian Garden, Indian Garden Trail Sign, Grand Canyon


Text of sign:


Welcome to Indian Garden


You are entering an area of Grand Canyon that is an oasis in this dry and arid landscape.  Located along n natural fault line, Indian 

Garden was farmed seasonally by Native people for centuries.  In the 19th century, prospectors and cattlemen frequented the area

because it contained reliable and abundant sources of water.  Today, visitors use the Indian Garden as a resting place from the heat

of the Canyon.


What does the lush plant life in this area tell you?  The presence of thick, lush vegetation means that water is probably close by. You.

may not see water but it is here, just below the ground, appearing as springs and seeps.


Indian Garden's giant cottonwood trees, spectacular cliffs, natural springs, and cooling shade combine to make this area of the 

canyon a destination itself.

Rest and relax. Help protect and preserve this special place by packing out all of your trash, not feeding the wildlife, and staying off

all fragile vegetation.



Graphics on the Sign


In addition to the text there is a map of the Indian Garden area and trails leading into the area.


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