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Placerville Historic Marker


Location of sign - Intersection of Main Street and Bradford Street, on the right when traveling west on Main Street.


Photo taken October 2008


Placerville Historic Marker

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Originally Known as "Hangtown"  Incorporated May 13, 1854


Established on banks of “Hangtown” Creek as rich mining camp in spring of 1848. Millions in gold were taken from its ravines and 

hills. Supply center for surrounding mining camps and transportation terminus for famous Comstock Lode. John M. Studebaker, 

Mark Hopkins, Leland Stanford, Phillip Armour, and Edwin Markham were among well-known men who contributed to 

Placerville’s early history. Also, “Snowshoe” John A. Thompson who carried from 60 to 80 pounds of mail on skies from 

Placerville over the Sierra to Carson Valley during winter months.


Historical Landmark No. 475


Tablet furnished by California Centennials Commission Base by James W. Marshall Chapter No. 49 E Clampus Vitus


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