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Totally Unique and Unexpected Road Sign


Location of sign - Entry road into Great Sand Dunes National Monument.


Photo taken- July 2008


Totally Unique and Unexpected Road Sign at Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Close up view of sign


Totally Unique and Unexpected Road Sign at Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Wide View of Sign


Text of sign:


Totally Unique and Unexpected


Welcome to the high elevation desert that is Great Sand Dunes!  Does this landscape strike you as amazing, bizarre or totally out of

place?  If you so, you're not alone.  For many, the unexpected combination of massive dunes surrounded by alpine peaks and a 

desert valley inspired awe and curiosity.


The 30 square miles dunefield before you is the most impressive part of an enormous deposit of sand stretching west, south and 

north.  The San Juan Mountains on the far western horizon contributed most of the sand, which was washed by mountain streams 

into the San Juan Valley.  From there, southwestern winds blew, bounced and pushed the grains toward the Sangre de  Cristo 

Mountains, piling them into the tallest dunes in North America.

Graphics on the Sign


In addition to the text there is an aerial picture of the Great Sand Dunes and an inset map of the park.


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