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New Hartford Historical Marker


Location of sign - Located in the Pine Meadow Historic District of New Hartford


Photo taken -  October 2006


New Hartford Historical Marker, Connecticut

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


New Hartford


In 1732 the Connecticut General Assembly gave Hartford and Windsor permission to establish seven towns in the colony's 

Western Lands. New Hartford was given to 182 Hartford taxpayers who became the new town's proprietors. They organized and 

hired surveyors to lay out suitable home lots and highways. Settlement began in 1734 on Town Hill and West Hill.'


While farming was the main occupation, grist and saw mills soon thrived on the Windsor (now Farmington) and Nepash Rivers.

In the early 1800's economic interests shifted from agricultural to industrial and population centers moved from the hilltops to the

major river valleys.  


Major industries sprang up in New Hartford Centre, Bakersville, Satan's Kingdom, Kelloggsville ( Pine Meadow) and North 

Village (now New Hartford Center)


(continued on other side)

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