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New Hartford Historical Marker (reverse)


Location of sign - Located in the Pine Meadow Historic District of New Hartford


Photo taken -  October 2006


New Hartford Historical Marker, Connecticut

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


New Hartford


(continued from other side)


The Greenwoods Company produced cotton duck for the United States Military and for the sails of the Vigilant, defender in the 

America's Cup races.  Others included the Chapin-Stevens Company, which made planes, levels, and rules and D.B. Smith 

Company.  Two railroads had lines in this town.  In 1901 the Greenwoods Company cotton mills moved to the south.  By the time

of the Great Depression most industries had collapsed and people moved elsewhere, leaving only small, family run businesses.  The

town changed rapidly; the railroads were removed; several major floods caused serious damage; two dams with reservoirs and

three major highways were built.  Today, new industries have located here including Waring, Ovation Instruments, and Hitchcock

Chair Company.  Marcus H. Holcomb, Governor of Connecticut 1915-21 was born here.  Elias Howe built the first practical 

general purposes sewing machine here, patented in 1846.

Erected here by the Town of New Hartford and the New Hartford Historical Society Inc. and the Connecticut Historical Society.



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