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Union County Historical Marker


Location of sign - 114 Courthouse Street Box 1 Blairsville, Georgia


Photo taken- May 2003


Union County Historical Marker

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Union County


Union County was crested by Act of Dec. 3, 1837 from Cherokee. Originally it contained part of Fannin and Towns Counties.  In 

1832 there was much discussion over Union and States rights. John Thomas, chosen by the people as a representative for the new 

county, when asked to suggest a name, was reported to have said, "Name it Union, for none but Union-like men reside in it."  First 

officers of Union county commissioned March 20, 1833 were James Crow, Sheriff; Arthur Gilbert, Clerk Superior Court; Joseph 

Jackson, Clerk Inferior Court; James Gaddis, Sr. Coroner; Joseph Chaffin, Surveyor.


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