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Medicine Lodge Stockade Historical Marker


Location of sign - Located on the lawn of the county courthouse in Medicine Lodge, Kansas


Photo taken -  July 2007


Medicine Lodge Stockade Historical Marker, Kansas

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:

Medicine Lodge Stockade


In 1874, during a period of Indian Raids in Western and Southern Kansas, the Governor, Thomas A. Osborne, organized the

Kansas State Guards.  Sun City and Medicine Lodge furnished the companies for this section of the state.  The Stockade was built

by the Militia and Citizens of Medicine Lodge.  Guards were posted inside the Stockade walls.  The walls of the Stockade were 

made of cedar posts that stood about 9 ft high.  They were placed side by side and set on end in the ground.  The drill ground was 

outside and to the southeast of the Stockade.  Many times 200 or more people would gather in the Stockade with wagon teams, 

cattle, and dogs.  The Southeast Corner of the Stockade was located near this point.


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