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Nature's Curtain


Location of sign - Camus Road, Glacier National Park


Photo taken -  June 2008


Nature's Curtain, Montana


Text of sign:


Nature's Curtain


Fire unveils and opens our eyes and minds to much more than charred trees and blankets of ash.  Beyond the surface, beautiful

mountain vistas once hidden from sight are revealed.  Rare glimpses of wildlife and habitat absent from an area before fire, return

and emerge.  Memories of once was are more vivid than ever, and visions of what will be in the future, fill our imaginations.  New

and existing theories and philosophies about fire present themselves.


Many are unsure about the roles and effect fire has in the environment.  Fire is a natural part of Glacier National Park, as natural as

wind and rain, and is essential for the health of this ecosystem.  Fire opens the stage of opportunity to see and think beyond the

immediate landscape.


What does fire reveal to you? 


Graphics on the sign - In addition to the text there are several photos of forest fires, firefighters and a large picture of a recently

burned forest.

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