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Trail of the Cedars


Location of sign - Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park


Photo taken -  June 2008


Trail of the Cedars, Glacier National Park Montana


Text of sign:


Trail of the Cedars


Welcome to Trail of the Cedars - a short walk into a mature forest.  The trail, an elevated boardwalk, is level and suitable for

wheelchairs.  Round trip distance is about one-half a mile.


Explore the forest slowly.  Spend some time sitting quietly, doing nothing.  Read the messages along the way, explore with your 

senses, but above all linger a while and become part of the surrounding forest.

Avalanche Lake


For those who wish to continue, Avalanche Lake with its spectacular waterfalls, is an additional four mile round trip hike at the end

of this boardwalk trail.  The trail is not wheelchair accessible and has a 500 foot elevation gain.  Watch for the trailhead sign.


Graphics on the sign - In addition to the text there is a map of the Trail of the Cedars and a drawing of cedar trees.

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