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Austin Churches Historic Marker


Location of sign - U.S. Highway 50 in Austin, Nevada.


Photo taken October 2008


Austin Churches Historic Marker in Nevada

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:

Austin Churches

St. George's Episcopal Church to the east was consecrated in 1878. The Reverend Blackiston swept the congregation with his 

enthusiasm and eloquence at Easter Service in 1877 to bring forth pledges including the building, retaining wall, pipe organ, bell 

and a 20-dollar gold piece from every employee of a local mine. The organ was shipped around the Horn and by wagon from San 



St. Augustine's Catholic Church to the west was built in 1866 of native brick and stone. Father Monteverde, the first pastor, 

conducted the first mass at midnight, Christmas Eve, 1866. Admission of $1 per person was charged to limit the number of people 



The Methodist Church to the north was built in 1866. It was financed by donated stocks which were pooled by the canny pastor 

into the Methodist Mining Company and sold in the east. Lectures and entertainment were part of the church scene for benefit 

purposes. Emma Wixom attended Sunday School here. Later, as world-famous Emma Nevada, she brought her troupe to Austin 

and gave a benefit concert in this church.



Nevada Historical Marker No. 67



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