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Manhattan Historic Marker


Location of sign - Junction of State Route 376 and State Route 377.


Photo taken October 2008


Manhattan Historic Marker in Nevada

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:

Manhattan "The Pine Tree Camp"

A Manhattan Mining District to the northeast was first organized in 1867, and some tunnel mining was done. The place name 

persisted in local use and was adopted in 1905 when John Humphrey found gold at the foot of "April Fool Hill," near the old stage 

route. A typical boom followed. A post office was started late in 1905, and the camp soon had telegraph, telephone, utilities and 

businesses. Transport was to Tonopah and the railroad at Sodaville.


The 1906 San Francisco earthquake stopped mining investment. As a result, most of the productive work here was by lessees. The

gold strikes were in ore and placer, and by 1909 there were 13 mines and 16 placers. Some of the operations were the Big Four, 

Litigation Hill Merger, Stray Dog, September Fraction and White Caps.


Hydraulic placering started in 1909. In 1938, dredging began, continuing 13 years. Over $10,000,000 was produced


"Manhattan always was a good camp."


Nevada Historical Marker No. 97



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