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Old Geiger Grade Historic Marker


Location of sign - Near the summit of State Route 341 on Geiger Grade Highway between Reno and Virginia City. 


Photo taken October 2008


Old Geiger Grade Historic Marker in Nevada

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Old Geiger Grade 


(In Canyon Below) Constructed by Davison M. Geiger and John H. Tilton in 1862, this old toll road was 

the most direct connection between the Comstock Lode and the Truckee Meadows until replaced by the present paved highway in 1936.


Concord stages, mud wagons and ten-mule freighters carried thousands of passengers and millions in precious cargo across this 

section of the Virginia Range and many are the tales of unpredictable winds, snows, land slides and the everlasting danger of lurking

highwaymen which could be told of this precipitous stretch of road.


Dead Man's Point and Robbers Roost, two of the most famous features of the road, can be seen from this marker.


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