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Hold the Hedgerow sign


Location of sign - New Jersey Monmouth Battlefield State Park, approximately 12 miles east of exit 8 of the NJ Turnpike on 

Route 33.


Photo taken -  November 2005

Hold the Hedgerow Sign

Photo courtesy of Daniel M. Popek


Text of sign:


Hold the Hedgerow!


As the British pursued the Continental Advance Force, Washington asked Lee to give the enemy "a check", buying him time to

arrange the main forces.


Major General Charles Lee had only 800 men to try to stall more than 2,000 advancing British troops.  The Continentals beat back

one cavalry charge before the British grenadiers were upon them.  After 3 to 5 minutes of firing at each other at point blank range,

the British dragoons broke through the fence south of the Continental line.


Outflanked the Continentals abandoned the hedgerow and fled across the bridge, but not before decimating the ranks of the 

British grenadiers.  The ground east of the hedgerow was strewn with dead and wounded.


The delay was brief, but long enough.  By the time Lee's last troops had crossed the bridge, thousands of Continentals were formed

on Perrine's Hill, ready and waiting.


Graphics on the sign:  


In addition to the text there is picture of a map of the battle and a photo of a reenactment.


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