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Operations on the Delaware sign


Location of sign - Red Bank Battlefield - 100 Hessian Avenue, National Park, New Jersey


Photo taken -  November 2005

Operations on the Delaware, Red Bank Battlefield

Photo courtesy of Daniel M. Popek


Text of sign:


Operations on the Delaware


When the Revolution began, Congress ordered construction of river defense systems to protect Philadelphia against a sea attack. A

system of cheveaux-de-fries, a series of underwater obstructions was developed.  These consisted of large coffers (boxes) made of

pine logs lined with planking. Long, heavy poles with iron tipped spikes projected out of the coffers at a 45 degree angle.  The 

coffers were floated to strategic positions in Delaware, filled with rock and suck just below water level to impale enemy ships sailing



The Pennsylvania Council of Safety oversaw planning and construction of the fortifications, which included the cheveaux-de-fries,

land batteries, and a navy to guard the river.  Three sites were selected: Fort Mifflin, Fort Mercer at Red Bank and Billingsport. 

Row galleys were designed by Philadelphia shipwrights and formed the backbone of the Philadelphia navy.  The fifty-foot boats,

with a cannon mounted in the bow patrolled the river.


On October 23, 1777, the day after the American victory at Red Bank, the 64 gun British warship Augusta exploded and sank 

down river under heavy American attack.  The similar loss of the Merlin, a sloop carrying 18 cannons, and the victory of Colonel

Christopher Greene delayed the British attempt to clear the river defenses.


Graphics on the sign:  


In addition to the text there is picture of a map of the Delaware River.


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