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Salinas Pueblo National Monument - Exploring Las Humanas Trail Sign


Location of sign - On the trail to the Gran Quivira ruins in Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument


Photo taken- March 2010


Exploring Las Humanas Trail Sign in Salinas Pueblo National Monument


Text of sign:


Exploring Las Humanas 


The many names associated with the low ridge above - Cuelozel, Las Humanas, San Buenaventura, and, most recently, Gran

Quivira - hint that its 800-year history is layered and complex.  The Tompiro Indians whose plazas and apartments you will see

lived on the edge of survival, far from other pueblos and in a town with very little water. 

This moderate 1/2 mile trail, show in red below winds its way up to the ruins.  The top is just 50 feet higher than you are now.

However, the trail surface is uneven in places, and is steep for short sections.  Portions of the trail are not suitable for wheelchairs.


Graphics on the sign,


In addition to the text there is a map of the Gran Quiviras area.


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