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Las Misiones de los Pueblos de Salinas Trailhead Sign


Location of sign - Salinas Pueblos Missions National Monument Gran Quivira Visitor Center, New Mexico


Photo taken- March 2010


Las Misiones de los Pueblos de Salinas Trailhead Sign


Text of sign:


Las Misiones de los Pueblos de Salinas


Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument preserves the remnants of three ancient Indian villages where Spanish friars started

missions nearly 400 years ago.  These pueblos were major trade centers for centuries prior to the arrival of Spanish explorers.  Salt

taken from nearby dry salt lakes was an important commodity traded between Pueblo and Plains Indians - so important that 

Spanish government officials called this entire region the "Salinas Jurisdiction".


In 1583, explorer Antonio Espejo reported that this area had "eleven pueblos with a great many people, over 40,000 souls."


Graphics on the Sign:


In addition to the text there are inset pictures of the ruins plus a relief map of the area that makes up the background of the sign.


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