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El Malpais National Monument - La Ventana Trail


Location of sign - On the trail to La Ventana Arch in El Malpais National Monument


Photo taken- February 2010


El Malpais National Monument - La Ventana Trail, La Ventana Arch


Close-up view of sign


El Malpais National Monument - La Ventana Trail, La Ventana Arch

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


La Ventana Trail


la Ventana ("the window") is one of New Mexico's largest natural arches and perhaps the most dramatic and easily accessible

attraction of the Cebolla Wilderness.  The trail winds to the arch for about a half a mile round trip hike.  Please wear sturdy shoes;

the trail is steep and rocky.

National Conservation Area


The Bureau of Land Management administers the El Malpais National Conservation Area.  The Congress established the NCA
in 1987 to protect and conserve nationally important natural and cultural resources while allowing compatible uses.

Cebolla Wilderness


Wilderness is a place that generally appears to have been affected by forces of nature.  The Cebolla Wilderness offers 60,000

acres of outstanding opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation.  We invite you to experience this wild place.  Please

Leave No Trace! This way only nature makes the changes.


Graphics on the sign


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