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Ox Bow Bend Overlook Sign


Location of sign - The final overlook at the end of the parkway that runs through Theodore Roosevelt National Park in

North Dakota.


Photo taken June 2009


Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Ox Bow Bend Overlook Sign

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Ox Bow Bend Overlook


This river, the Little Missouri, flowed northward a million years ago.  Broad, gentle warping and uplift of this region just before the

Ice Age cause streams east of here to erode more rapidly.  Eventually one of these streams cut into this valley diverting the river

eastward.  Today it empties into the Missouri river about 50 miles to the east.


Note the "Ox Bow Bend" in the valley below, formerly part of the river channel, it has been "cut off" by erosion and contains

water only when the river is in flood.



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