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German Evangelical Church Historical Marker


Location of sign - 110 S. Market Street Waverly, Ohio


Photo taken -  September 2007


German Evangelical Church Historical Marker, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


German Evangelical Church


Construction of Waverly's third church, built with locally produced brick, began in 1859 and was completed in 1860. The original 

deed, recorded on October 31, 1859, listed the value of the lot as $180. With the merger of the Evangelical Synod of North 

America with the Reformed Church in 1934, the name changed to Evangelical and Reformed Church. A merger in 1957 with the Congregational Christian Church changed the name to First United Church of Christ. In 1987 it became known as Waverly United 

Church of Christ, until its dissolution in 1992, when the building was given to Pike Heritage Foundation Museum. Original records 

and services were in German. In 1890 some English was introduced in services, and by the early 1900s was used on alternate 

Sundays. The church was remodeled and enlarged in 1869, but retains much of its original appearance. An annex was added to 

the church in 1959.


Pike County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Pike Heritage Foundation Museum, First National Bank of Waverly, In Memory of

Lottie Vulgamore, Museum Trustee 1995-2002, The Ohio Historical Society


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