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Meigs County Courthouse Historical Marker


Location of sign - Second Street and Mulberry Street, Pomeroy, Ohio


Photo taken -  September 2007


Meigs County Courthouse Historical Marker, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Meigs County Courthouse 


Meigs County was formed in 1819 from parts of Washington, Athens, and Gallia counties, with its first county seat at Middleport. 

The county seat moved to Chester in 1823 and to Pomeroy in 1841. Obtaining the Scioto County Courthouse plans for $15, the

commissioners built the new courthouse as a twin to the Portsmouth structure at a cost of $5,200. Now surrounded by later 

additions, it was completed in 1848. The Greek Revival courthouse was extensively remodeled in 1877 by adding the flanking 

wings, spiral stairways, columns, and a two-story portico capped with a bracketed cornice in the Italianate style. The street level 

was lowered and the basement level excavated to provide three full stories. Each floor is accessible by a ground level entrance.


The Meigs County Historical Society, Meigs County Commissioners, Ohio Travel and Tourism, The Ohio Historical Society 2001



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