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The Stone Academy Historical Marker


Location of sign - 115 Jefferson Street Zanesville, Ohio


Photo taken -  September 2007


The Stone Academy Courthouse Historical Marker, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


The Stone Academy 


Constructed of sandstone quarried from nearby Putnam Hill, the Stone Academy dates to 1809. The Springfield School House 

Company erected the building, it is believed, to lure the statehouse from Chillicothe. However, when Zanesville was chosen as the 

capital the following year, the building was used for public functions and for its "intended" purpose as a school. The Ohio 

Anti-slavery Society held its state conventions here in 1835 and 1839, with prominent abolitionist leader Theodore Weld, among 

others, in attendance. The Stone Academy became a private residence after 1839. In the 1870s, it was the childhood home of 

Elizabeth Robins, the famed late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century actress, playwright, author, and activist. The Stone 

Academy was donated to the Pioneer and Historical Society of Muskingum County in 1981.


Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The Longaberger Company, The Ohio Historical Society 1-66


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