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Thorla - McKee Well Historical Marker


Location of sign - Intersection of Hwy 78 and 564 east of Caldwell, Ohio.


Photo taken -  September 2007


Thorla - McKee Well Historical Marker, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Wayne


Text of sign:


Thorla - McKee Well 


Salt was an important commodity to early settlers because of its use in daily living. In 1814 Silas Thorla and Robert McKee dug a 

well in search of salt brine. They discovered salt and, by accident, discovered oil. Oil's value was known to them so they had to 

separate the oil from the salt water by soaking the oil up from the surface with blankets. The oil was wrung from the blankets, 

bottled as "Seneca Oil," and sold as a "cure all." The remaining brine was boiled down to extract the salt.


Nobel County Department of Tourism, The Ohio Historical Society 1992 1-61


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