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Oregon Geology - Abert Rim Marker


Location of sign - Abert Lake and Abert Rim are located in the South-central area of Oregon in Lake County, about 30 miles north of Lakeview, on the west side of the Highway on US Route 395.


Photo taken -  June 2004


Oregon Geology - Abert Rim

Photo courtesy of Barb Tharp


Text of sign:


Oregon Geology 

Abert Rim


Discovered by Captain John C. Fremont December 20, 1843 and named in honor of Colonel J.J. Abert.


Abert Rim, some 2500 feet above the valley floor is one of the highest fault scarps in the United States.  This basalt formation, a

basic lava covering much of Eastern Oregon, issued from great fissures during the Miocene Period of geologic history many millions

of years ago.  After this extensive lava flooding, the earth's crust was fractured at many points and great blocks were tilted.  Abert

Rim is the western edge of one of these tilted blocks while Abert Lake lies on top of another.


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