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Point of Interest Road Signs - Submit a Photo

Help us put your town or favorite point of interest on our map!

Thank you for visiting our website. This site began in June 2008 with a goal of being the most comprehensive collection of roadside

and trailside photos on the web.  There is no way for us to travel everywhere and collect a photo of each one so WE NEED 



If you would like to share your photo of a road or trail sign with your fellow travelers who visit this site from around the world 

please send them in.  


We are posting pictures of signs that are placed by government entities that provide information about a point of interest.  The sign

should describe in some detail the historical, geological, scientific or cultural significance of a town, park, or location of interest.


A few rules:


The photo must be your own and you must have full rights to submit to us.  Please respect the copyright of others.


The sign must be clearly visible from a public roadside or trail.  No signs from museums, zoos, aquariums or within buildings.


The sign must be a permanent government sign or placed on government property*.  A board with flyers or other paper signs 

tacked on does not count.


Sorry - no identifiable images of people's faces can be in the photo.  If you cropped the sign in a photo and some arms or legs are 

still there that's fine.


Let us know with your email if you wish us to include your name under the photo such as "photo courtesy of John Smith".


We need the following information for each sign:


1.) Location - be as specific as you can.


2.) Please include a month and year the photo was taken.  If you don't know exactly give us the year or approximate year.


3.) Any other information you consider pertinent or interesting.

Note this - Free link to your website!

Finally if you wish we will post a link to your personal website or blog on the "photo courtesy of" recognition.  You can even elect 

to have the photo recognized in the name of your business and we will link to your business website (such as "photo courtesy

of Google.com").  Some restrictions apply to what sites we will link to but most are fine.  We will let you know if there is a problem.


We retain discretion to post your sign or not.


The photographer retains all rights to a submitted photo beyond giving this website the right to host the submitted photo into 

perpetuity.  We will not give others the right to reproduce your photo elsewhere.


A few more notes...


We will need to size your photo to fit within our format.  This may include reducing the size of the file to an appropriate amount to 

facilitate load times.  Please submit images to us of sufficient quality so that can clearly be read.


Finally once we have a particular sign photo we generally do not look to replace that photo.  If a sign is replaced we will add a 

photo of the new updated sign but will also retain the old one for historical reference.



*Any private sign must be submitted with written permission from the owner of the sign to be placed on this website.  Please contact us for details.




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This site is not affiliated with any government agency.  Photos may not be copied without written permission of the photographer.




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