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Utah's First National Monument


Location of sign - Entry road into Natural Bridges National Monument.


Photo taken- July 2008


Utah's First National Monument Road Sign at Natural Bridges National Monument


Text of sign:


Utah's First National Monument


In 1863, Cass Hite wandered up White Canyon from his mining claim on the Colorado River and "discovered" three stone bridges.

He brought them to the attention of area residents and the scientific community.  Nowhere else had three such monolithic structures

been located in such close proximity.  They were described as having "spans far greater than any heretofore known to exist."  On

April 16, 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt signed the proclamation creating Natural Bridges National Monument - Utah's first

National Park Service Area.


At the time of the monument's establishment, little had been known of the location and character of prehistoric ruins near the 

bridges. Extraordinary cliff dwellings and mesa-top ruins deserved study and protection within the new monument.  In response, the

park boundary was expanded.


Today, three bridges - Sipapu, Kachina and Owachomo - their names taken from the Hopi Indian culture, are among the largest

natural stone bridges in the world. 


As you travel Bridge View Drive, overlooks and trails provide opportunities to view and explore the geologic and archeologic 

features that make Natural Bridges National Monument an important part of this nation's National Park System.

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