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Japanese Students Partner With Mount Rainier Sign


Location of sign - Kautz Creek Nature Trailhead at Mount Rainier National Park


Photo taken -  July 2008


Japanese Students Partner With Mt. Rainier Sign in Mt. Ranier National Park, Washington


Text of sign:


Japanese Students Partner With Mount Rainier


This boardwalk represents an important relationship between Mount Rainier and Japan that began in 1994.  Each year, students from

Tokyo's Waseda University travel to Mount Rainier to volunteer their time on projects that help protect the park enhance your visit.


The sound of pounding nails could be heard here as the students enthusiastically worked to construct this boardwalk - the first fully

accessible trail in the park.  Working with park staff, the students laid the top surface of the boardwalk using lumber donated by

the Lever Brothers Company, made from recycled plastic bottles.  They also completed work on the view point, adding several 

new benches.

Thanks to the efforts of the Waseda University students, visitors of all abilities are able to enjoy this natural setting.

Japanese students have contributed more than 13,000 hours to park projects.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text here are photos of Japanese Students constructing the boardwalk at Kautz Creek at Mount Rainier.


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