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Kautz Creek Nature Trail Sign


Location of sign - Kautz Creek Nature Trailhead at Mount Rainier National Park


Photo taken -  July 2008


Kautz Creek Nature Trail Sign in Mt. Ranier National Park, Washington


Text of sign:


Kautz Creek Nature Trail


Along this short trail discover clues to one of the most powerful geologic forces that has shaped Mount Rainier.  Mudflows have 

thundered down this valley, toppling trees, damaging bridges, and leaving behind thick layers of mud and debris.


Stroll along this boardwalk to see the effects of these mudflows and to experience the recovery of this once dense forest.

Geohazard warning:

Without warning debris flows and glacial outburst floods can occur at any time, eroding stream banks and scouring everything in

their path, including rocks and trees.  If an earthquake occurs or you hear a prolonged rumbling, move quickly uphill, away from 

rivers and streams.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text here is a photo of Mount Rainier.


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