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Horicon Marsh Historical Marker


Location of sign - 4 miles east of Waupun on Highway 49 in Fond du Lac County


Photo taken -  July 2008


Horicon Marsh Historical Marker, Wisconsin


Text of sign:


Horicon Marsh 


Horicon Marsh, an area of 31,653 acres, was scoured out by the Wisconsin glacier, at least 10,000 years ago. Gradually the upper

 Rock River made deposits which slowed its current and spread its waters over the marshland. The Marsh became a haunt of the 

earliest Indians whose mounds remain. To promote lumbering, transportation, and agriculture white pioneers built a dam in 1846. 

Horicon Lake, covering 51 square miles, became famous for hunting and fishing. The dam was removed in 1869, restoring the 

Marsh, which was subjected to various development schemes that changed its character. Climaxing a twenty year struggle by 

conservationists, Horicon National Wild-Life Refuge was established July 16, 1941. The State controls the south 10,857 acres, the

Federal government, the north 20,796. A wide range of wild fowl, many varieties of small birds, and numerous fur-bearing animals 

constitute the population of Horicon Marsh.


Erected 1959

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