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After the Fires


Location of sign - John D. Rockefeller Parkway - US 287 near Yellowstone but before the Yellowstone south entrance.


Photo taken May 2008

After the Fires road sign

Close-up view of sign


After the Fires road sign

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


After the Fires


Charred trunks mark the wildfire's path.  It can look like the death of a forest - yet within days after the fires, elk and moose

return to browse unburned plants and new shoots begin to transform the blackened swath.  


Whenever people visit the Yellowstone area they are traveling through a fire-created environment.  Over the centuries extensive 

wildfires have swept through these forests and grasslands.  Tree ring evidence shows that major fires like the fires of 1988 have 

charred  the area every 200-400 years.  


Free from human interferences, fire assures the long-range health of the forest.  Return a few after a fire and experience the lush 

mat of grasses, flowers and shrubs.  Exposed to more sunlight pine seedlings of a renewed forest will rise among the standing snags.

Within the hottest fire perimeter, there are green islands of untouched forest.  A burned area's patchwork of habitats support 

greater diversity of wildlife.  


Elk soon wander back to mineral-rich ash.  Animals eat the unburned vegetation, and benefit from nutritious new growth.


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text there are two photos - one showing the patchwork of burned area and the other showing a returning elk.


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