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A River Dammed


Location of sign -  Gros Ventre Road near Jackson and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.


Photo taken May 2008


Gros Ventre Slide A River Dammed, Gros Ventre Slide, Gros Ventre slide road sign



Text of sign:


A River Dammed


The Gros Ventre slide may been started by heavy prolonged rainfall. Some 50 million cubic yards of sandstone, limestone, shale,

about one mile long, 2000 feet wide and several hundred feet deep in places, plunged down and formed a dam 225 feet high and

nearly half a mile wide across the Gros Ventre River.  A lake was created above the dam.


For almost two years this earth dam held; then on May 18, 1927, part of the dam gave way and a wall of water mud and rock

flowed down the canyon destroying valuable property.  Ranch lands were ruined by mud and rubble and the town of Kelly, 

three and one-half miles downstream was practically wiped out.  Six persons drowned.


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