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Yellowstone National Park - Beauty and Chromatic Pools


Location of sign - Upper Geyser Basin near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken June 2008

Beauty and Chromatic Pools, Beauty and Chromatic Pools sign, Upper Geyser Basin Yellowstone National Park  

Close-up view of sign


Beauty and Chromatic Pools, Beauty and Chromatic Pools sign, Upper Geyser Basin Yellowstone National Park

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


Beauty and Chromatic Pools

Living Color


The vivid colors of Beauty Pool's basin and runoff channels are created by microscopic lifeforms.  Incredibly, these organisms 

survive and thrive in an environment that would be lethal to us and most other living creatures.  Scientists are just beginning to 

understand these lifeforms; amazingly, hot spring environments may sustain a diversity of organisms rivaling that of terrestrial rain



Hidden Connections


Beauty Pool shares an underground link with Chromatic Pool (to your immediate left).  When Beauty Pool is full, Chromatic Pool's

water level is much lower; sometimes the reverse may be observed.  Many other features in the Upper Geyser Basin have 

demonstrated similar behavior.  The factors affecting such exchanges of function are many and may include phenomena such as

earthquakes and continuing mineral accumulations is each feature's underground "plumbing."

Thermal Feature Color Gradient


In the geyser basins with alkaline or neutral pH (Upper, Midway, Lower, West Thumb, and Mammoth Hot Springs), color is 

primarily a function of what lives and grows in a feature.  The graph to the right represents the upper environmental temperature

limits for life and the corresponding colors (which vary over the course of a year as a consequence of seasonal changes) in the

features or runoff channels.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a picture of Chromatic Pool and Beauty Pool and a temperature graph for the various life forms that

live in the pools.


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