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Crowheart Butte


Location of sign -  U.S. 287 east of Burris in Wyoming.


Photo taken May 2008


Crowheart Butte, Crowheart Butte  road sign

Close up view

Crowheart Butte, Crowheart Butte  road sign

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


Crowheart Butte


In March 1866, a battle was fought in the vicinity between Shoshone and Bannock Indians on one side and Crow Indians on the


The contest was waged for supremacy of hunting grounds in the Wind River basin.  Crowheart Butte was so named because 

victorious Washakie, chief of the Shoshones displayed a Crow Indians heart on his lance at the war dance after the battle.  The 

major portion of the battle was fought near Black Mountain several miles to the north.


Washakie, in his youth and middle age was a very mighty warrior.  He was a wise chief and friendly to the white people.  No

white mans scalp hung in this chief's teepee.


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