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Yellowstone National Park - Forces of the Northern Range - Fire - A Fundamental Force


Location of sign - on the Forces of the Northern Range Trail between Tower Junction and Mammoth Hot Springs 

in Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

Fire - A Fundamental Force, Fire - A Fundamental Force sign, Yellowstone National Park  


Text of sign:


Fire - A Fundamental Force


Like wind, rain, and sunshine, fire is a part of the Yellowstone ecosystem.


Plants decompose very slowly in Yellowstone's cool, dry environment.  Fire speeds up this process.


Wood and other organic material are turned into ash.  Minerals and valuable nutrients then fertilize the soil.


Natural fires burn in a patchy pattern - a mosaic.  New openings in the forest allow sunlight to reach the ground.


Grasses, flowers, shrubs, and seedling trees grow quickly in these sunny fertile areas.


This exhibit made possible by a generous grant from the Yellowstone Association.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there are pictures of lodgepole pines showing the recovery of the forest after fires, and pine cones.


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