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Yellowstone National Park - Fort Yellowstone


Location of sign - Upper Terrace Drive -Mammoth Hot Springs area at Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

Fort Yellowstone, Fort Yellowstone road sign, Yellowstone Fort Yellowstone  


Text of sign:


Fort Yellowstone


Cavalry and stagecoaches stirred up dust clouds on the streets of Mammoth Hot Springs.  From 1886, fourteen years after the 

park was established, the U.S. Army was responsible for protecting Yellowstone.  Mammoth became a boom town as the Army

headquartered here and most tourists entered the park via the North Entrance.  The buildings below were Officer's quarters, a

guardhouse, cavalrymen's barracks, stables, and a chapel.


In 1915 autos were allowed into the park.  Horses were banned the following year and the new National Park Service took over 

park protection and administration.  Accessible year-round, Mammoth continued as headquarters.


By 1910 four troops of cavalry (324 soldiers) were stationed at Fort Yellowstone and at patrol cabins in the park interior.


Viewed from the Upper Terraces, the physical scene has changed little since the Fort Yellowstone era.  Today the well-preserved

Army buildings provide employee housing or have been reincarnated as warehouses and park maintenance shops.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a historical photo of Fort Yellowstone and an inset historical photo of the troops stationed there.


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