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Gros Ventrure Slide


Location of sign -  Gros Ventre Road near Jackson and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.


Photo taken May 2008


Gros Ventre Slide, Gros Ventre slide road sign

Close up view


Gros Ventre Slide, Gros Ventre slide road sign

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


The Gros Ventre Slide


Before you lie the remnants of one of the largest earth movements in the world.  


On June 23, 1925, earth, rock and debris moved rapidly from an altitude of 9000 feet, across the valley bottom and up the slope

of the red bluffs behind you.  The action lasted only minutes but a river was dammed and the landscape changed.


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Gros Ventre Slide - A River Dammed



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