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Yellowstone National Park - Heart of the Caldera


Location of sign - north of Canyon Village before Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken June 2008

Heart of the Caldera, Heart of the Caldera road sign, Yellowstone Heart of the Caldera  

Close-up view of sign


Heart of the Caldera, Heart of the Caldera road sign, Yellowstone Heart of the Caldera

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


Heart of the Caldera


The eastern ridgeline is the rim of a huge crater.  Here a volcanic eruption blew cubic miles of glassy material into the atmosphere -

remnants carried as far as Texas and California - then the crust collapsed, forming a caldera or basin.  Through a catastrophe 

600,000 years ago seems unimaginably remote, subsurface activity has been ongoing.  Bare patches in the forest reveal Washburn

Hot Springs, where superheated water boils up along caldera fracture lines.


The volcano's energy source lies beneath your feet, centered only ten miles to the southeast.  From the summit of Purple Mountain 

or Mount Washburn you can see not only the extent of the caldera but also mysterious bulges in the relatively level plateau.  The 

same twin magma chambers that fired the eruption are now upwarping or doming, forecasting future volcanism.


Hot gases and molten rock erupted through fractures above the magma chamber.

The area above the blown-out part of the magma chambers collapsed to form a vast chamber.

There are no trails to Washburn Hot Springs.  The ground there is unstable - geologists have fallen through the crust and suffered 

serious burns.  Sulfuric acid in the area can burn through clothing.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is an inset map of the park noting where the sign is.  There is a graphical description of the formation of

the caldera.  The is also a picture of the skyline noting the location of the Absaroka Mountains, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, 

Washburn Hot Springs, the caldera boundary, Elephant Mountain, Mt. Sheridan, and the Tetons.


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