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Yellowstone National Park - Welcome to Historic Fort Yellowstone


Location of sign - Mammoth Hot Springs area historic section at Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

Welcome to Historic Fort Yellowstone, Welcome to Historic Fort Yellowstone road sign, Yellowstone Welcome to Historic Fort Yellowstone  



Text of sign:


Welcome to Historic Fort Yellowstone


From 1886 until the creation of the National Park Service in 1916 the United States Army was responsible for the administration

of Yellowstone National Park.  


The row of buildings ahead of you is part of Historic Fort Yellowstone.  These structures were built in three phases between 1891

and 1913 to serve as Army headquarters and to accommodate the troops assigned to Yellowstone National Park.


A stroll along the sidewalks of Fort Yellowstone takes you back to when the West was being tamed, the national park idea was

new, and visitors travelled dusty roads in horse-drawn carriages.  Explore life at Fort Yellowstone and discover how the U.S.

Army saved one of this nation's most treasured places - Yellowstone National Park.


Enhance your tour by purchasing the self-guiding publication available here or in the visitor center.


Allow 45 minutes for a leisurely stroll along the route.


Approximate distance is .3 mile (.5 km)


Tour route is entirely paved and fully accessible.


Special Note: The Albright Visitor Center in front of you is open to the public year round (hours are posted on the doors).  

However, most other structures in Fort Yellowstone are employee residences and are not open to public use.  Please respect the 

privacy of our residents by staying on the paved tour route and treating their living areas with courtesy and discretion.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a aerial picture of the historic section of Mammoth Hot Springs and an insert of a layout of the area.


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