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Yellowstone National Park - Hot Lake Bed


Location of sign - East Entrance Road/US 14 in Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken June 2008

Hot Lake Bed, Hot Lake Bed Yellowstone National Park  

Close up view of sign


Hot Lake Bed, Hot Lake Bed Yellowstone National Park

Wide view of sign



Text of sign:


Hot Lake Bed


The surface water is cold enough to kill by hypothermia; the lake bed beneath is a geologic hot spot.  At the bottom of Mary Bay, 

to your right, heat flow measurements are among the highest recorded in the park.


Lake bed thermals are not visible from here in summer but there are clues on shore.  From steam vents (patches of bare, bleached

ground) in the hills to the northwest, a fracture line runs straight through the lake bed and across Steamboat Point, conducting heat 

from deep magma chambers.  Puffs of steam and recent earthquakes are evidence of ongoing instability.


While driving around the lake look for dramatic examples of steaming shoreline near West Thumb.  Thermal activity is 

Yellowstone's volatile subconscious always threatening to surface -  the monster in the basement, the catastrophic waiting to 

happen.  Mary Bay, like nearby Indian Pond, is a hydrothermal explosion crater.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is an insert picture of nutrients being stirred up by intense heat in the lake bed which benefits aquatic life 

in the lake.  There is also a large photo of Yellowstone Lake pointing out the location of Mary Bay, and two thermal areas.


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