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Improving Habitat for Wildlife


Location of sign -  U.S. 287 in Wyoming west of Crowheart near Buffalo Valley.


Photo taken May 2008


Improving Habitat, Wyoming Wildlife Improving Habitat road sign


Text of sign:


Improving Habitat for Wildlife


FIRE! A dreaded event to many of us, but critical to maintain many habitats.  Fires result in a diverse mosaic of plant, increase 

nutrients and help establish new plants.  Prescribed fire is one management tool used here to improve and protect habitats.


Historically, natural fires periodically shaped many plant communities. Buffalo Valley is a prime example where responsible 

management has improved winter ranges.  Fire causes dying willows to sprout new shoots, providing more palatable browse for

moose during winter when food becomes scarce.  Compare the healthy young willows here with others in the valley that have 

not been burned.  


Prescribed fires in the sagebrush-grassland on the surrounding hills maintain a mixture of shrubs and grasses for wintering wildlife.  

Elk use the south facing slopes during winter because these areas are warmer and snow melts quicker, making plants more 

available. When conditions are right, controlled, prescribed fires are common in early spring and late fall on forest lands.


These habitat management practices are an important part of the formula for keeping Wyoming's wildlands healthy and productive

for wildlife.


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