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John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway


Location of sign - John D. Memorial Parkway US 287 south of the entrance to Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken May 2008

John D Rockfeller Parkway Sign  

Text of sign:


John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway


This 23,770 acre tract links Yellowstone National Park to the north and Grand Teton National Park to the south.  In 1972,

Congress created the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway in recognition of Mr. Rockefeller's work in establishing or

expanding several national parks, including Grand Teton, Arcadia, Great Smokey Mountains, the Virgin Islands.

Grand Teton National Park


When set aside in 1929, Grand Teton National Park included much of the Teton Range.  Disturbed by development which 

threatened the view of the mountains, Mr. Rockefeller provided funds and formed a land company to purchase property.  He

donated more than 33,000 valley acres to the American people, and this contribution served as a catalyst for the addition of most

of Jackson Hole to the park in 1950.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a map of the Memorial Parkway area and a photo of Mr. Rockefeller and his wife from 1931.


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