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Yellowstone National Park - Jupiter's Cycle


Location of sign - Mammoth Hot Springs area trail at Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

Jupiter's Cycle, Jupiter's Cycle road sign, Yellowstone Jupiter's Cycle  

Close-up view of sign


Jupiter's Cycle, Jupiter's Cycle road sign, Yellowstone Jupiter's Cycle

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


Jupiter's Cycle


Jupiter Spring first bubbled up in a landscape of scattered trees and travertine - travertine created by older springs.


After Juniper Terrace grew, hot mineral water streamed downhill, burying the grass and trees growing there.


By 1872 when William Henry Jackson photographed the formation, the trees were engulfed by travertine.


Jupiter Spring flowed abundantly in 1923.  Colorful pools adorned its terraces.


By 1998 Jupiter Springs had been dormant for several years.  If it remains inactive, soil will eventually form on Jupiter's 

crumbling travertine, and become home to trees and flowers again.


Changing Activity


Throughout a hot spring's life cycle, fluctuations occur. 


A hot spring may become dormant at any time for days, months, or years.


Within several miles of where you are standing, massive deposits of travertine have been found, most of it covered by soil.  

Evidence of ancient hot springs, this travertine can be thousands of years old!


Buried Alive


Flooded by hot spring water, the trees beside you absorbed calcium carbonate. It hardened in their "veins" fatally blocking the 

absorption of water and nutrients.


"Rock solid" from hardened minerals, exposed treetops can stand for decades.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there are pictures showing different views of Jupiter Spring from 1872, 1923 and 1998.  There is also a

picture of trees covered in calcium carbonate.


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