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Yellowstone National Park - River Feast


Location of sign - North end of Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken May 2008

River Feast sign in Hayden Valley, River Feast Hayden Valley Yellowstone National Park  

Close-up view of sign


River Feast sign in Hayden Valley, River Feast Hayden Valley Yellowstone National Park

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


River Feast


This bend in the river attracts water birds year-round.  Here the Yellowstone is broad, slow-moving, and shallow a place where

trout and aquatic vegetation can thrive.  Bald eagles, pelicans, and osprey catch fish here; mallards and Canada geese bob for

underwater plants.  


The birds are extremely sensitive to human disturbance.  Except for two short stretches open to catch-and-release fishing, the 

Yellowstone River is closed to fisherman throughout Hayden Valley.


In winter watch for the trumpeter swans along this ice-free section.  Thermal discharge warms the river enough to keep it open all



Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text this sign features a picture of a Canada goose and her chicks and an insert photo of a trumpeter swan. 


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