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Taggart Lake Trailhead


Location of sign - Grand Teton National Park - Teton Park Road near Moose Visitor Center.


Photo taken May 2008


Taggart Lake Trailhead, Taggart Lake Trailhead Grand Teton National Park


Text of sign:


Taggart Lake Trailhead


Backcountry User Highlights


A national park is a special place, created to protect resources while providing for visitor use and enjoyment. However, as more

explore the backcountry, increasing impacts can harm fragile plant and animal communities.  You can help prevent damage

caused by human use by observing the following regulations:


Hiking and Camping


A backcountry camping permit is required for all overnight use.  Permits are available year-round at the Moose Visitor Center and

during the summer at Jenny Lake and Coulter Bay ranger stations.  


Campfires are prohibited except at certain sites, and only in accordance with backcountry permit instructions.


Stay on established trails - shortcutting switchbacks damages plants and causes erosion.


Pack out all refuse.


Saddle and pack animals must stay on authorized trails and cannot graze in the park.


Mountain Climbing


Registration is not required for technical climbs or mountaineering unless you are staying overnight in the backcountry.  It is 

your responsibility to let someone know where you have gone and when you expect to return.  Go the Jenny Lake Ranger

Station for information on routes and current conditions.  


The use of motorized drills for bolt placement is prohibited.  Only by following low impact climbing ethics can we protect our 

outstanding natural features for future generations.  Renew your commitment to leaving no trace.




Dogs and all other pets are not permitted on trails or away from roads and parking areas to avoid wildlife disturbance.  Where

permitted pets must be leashed.

Firearms and Hunting


Firearms, other weapons, and fireworks are prohibited in the park.


Wildlife and Other Resources


A Wyoming fishing license is required. 

Do not feed or disturb wildlife.  You are disturbing an animal if you cause it to interrupt its natural activities or move away from you.


Picking wildflowers or collecting any natural or historic object is prohibited.  Leave them for others to enjoy.




Vehicles of any kind, including bicycles, are not permitted on trails or off established parkways.


Have a Safe Backcountry Visit




Mountain weather can change rapidly from clear blue skies to rain or snow with high winds and lightning.  Hypothermia (cold

exposure) can be avoided by carrying extra clothing.  Know when to turn back.


Snow Slopes


Snow slopes are hazardous.  "Fun" slides have become deadly rides into unseen crevasses and over cliffs and rocks.  Cross

steep snow slopes only if you have and ice axe and know how to use it.


Mountain Climbing


Mountain climbing is a technical sport which requires training, skill, conditioning and proper equipment.  Scrambling up steep

slopes and loose rock can quickly lead to tragedy.  Know your limits and watching your footing and handholds.




Grand Teton National Park is the home of black and grizzly bears.  Most backcountry confrontations occur when bears are

surprised by hikers.  Hike in daylight hours, and in groups if possible.  Make noise while hiking especially in areas where natural

sounds - like rushing streams - may block the normal sounds of your approach.  When camping, comply with all food storage


Remember that all the animals you will see are wild.  Do not approach too closely.  Give them extra room during 

mating seasons.




Surface water contains Giardia or Campylobacter - organisms that cause intestinal diseases.  Carry water from public supplies

backcountry.  Boil or treat any surface water used for drinking.


Emergency Information 

Lock Your Car!


Parked vehicles sometimes attract thieves and vandals.  To prevent theft from or damage to your vehicle:


1. Secure valuables such as cameras, compact discs, purses, etc.

2. Leave glove compartment and other storage areas open and empty

3. Lock your car

4. Do not leave notes or permits in view that announce your intentions


Park rangers need your help. Use your eyes and ears while you visit Grand Teton National Park.  Please report any crime, 

accident, fire, safety hazard to any park employee as soon as possible.


In Case of Emergency 


Nearest telephone: Moose Visitor Center, 2.5 miles south on Teton Park Road.


National Park Service - 739-2300


Teton Co. Sheriff - 911 or 733-2331


Taggart Lake was created by the glacier that flowed out of Avalanche Canyon 15,000 years ago.  It is named for a member

of the 1872 Hayden Survey Expedition


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text the sign features a picture of the lake and a map of the park.


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