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The Huck Fire


Location of sign - Grand Teton National Park - US 287 heading towards Yellowstone


Photo taken May 2008

The Huck Fire, The Huck Fire Road Sign, Grand Teton National Park

Close-up view of sign


The Huck Fire, The Huck Fire Road Sign, Grand Teton National Park

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


The Huck Fire


Charred slopes of the Huckleberry Mountain mark the edge of a vast fire perimeter.  On August 20, 1988 gale force winds blew

a tree across a powerline starting the Huck Fire.  Wind-driven firebrands easily jumped the highway and ignited spot fires.  Fueled

by drought affected forest and whipped by 60 mph gusts, flames rushed through Teton Wilderness and eventually Yellowstone

National Park.


Because the Huck Fire did not start naturally, firefighters immediately tried to stop it.  Interagency crews burned trees in advance of

the fire to protect Flagg Ranch and Coulter Bay Village.  Eventually the Huck Fire's perimeter enclosed a mosaic of 90,000 

burned and unburned acres before winter snows suppressed the blaze.


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text the sign shows a map of the burn area and a picture of burning trees.


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