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Yellowstone National Park - Forces of the Northern Range - The Land Tells the Story


Location of sign - on the Forces of the Northern Range Trail between Tower Junction and Mammoth Hot Springs 

in Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

The Land Tells the Story, The Land Tells the Story sign, Yellowstone National Park  


Text of sign:


The Land Tells the Story

The rocky outcropping in front of you tells part of a violent story of Yellowstone's volcano - one of the largest volcanoes on Earth.


About two million years ago Yellowstone's volcano so enormous that it is called a "super volcano" - exploded violently, coated the

earth with ash for thousands of miles!  Near the eruption, ashfall buried the ground in deep layers.  Then the ash became 

compressed or "welded," creating a layer of rock now called "Huckleberry Ridge Tuff". 


Yellowstone's super volcano erupted two more times.  The most recent eruption left a gigantic crater, or caldera, in the heart of 

Yellowstone.  This massive caldera, about 30 miles wide and 45 miles long, was first verified with the use of satellite photography.


Yellowstone's immense eruptions were many times larger than the catastrophic Mt. St. Helens, Washington, explosion in 1980.


Yellowstone's Big Blast


Yellowstone's volcano is still alive today.  Two dome-like areas rise and fall as magma moves beneath the park.  Although 

geologists cannot predict when it will erupt again, these "resurgent domes" give clues about the future.  


Did ash from a giant Yellowstone eruption cover the area where you live?


This exhibit made possible by a generous grant from the Yellowstone Association.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a picture of Huckleberry Ridge Tuff, a photo of Mt. St. Helens.  There is a map of the Yellowstone

eruptions and another of the ashfall area.


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