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The Oxbow Bend


Location of sign - Grand Teton National Park - US 287 between Jackson Lake Junction and Moran Junction.


Photo taken May 2008

The Oxbow Bend, The Oxbow Bend Glacier National Park  

Close-up view of sign


The Oxbow Bend, The Oxbow Bend Glacier National Park

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


The Oxbow Bend


Formation of an Oxbow 


An oxbow named for the curved shape of an ox yoke, occurs when a river bypasses a meander.  The oxbow begins

as a gentle curve in the river channel.  The curve develops into a U-shaped meander.  The curve causes the meander to grow.  

Finally the meander becomes so large that the main channel cuts across the loop, forming an oxbow.


Riparian Habitat


The course of a river constantly changes, altering the vegitation patterns and the habitats along its banks.  Plants thrive in the 

sediment and shallow waters of this oxbow, which is still fed by the Snake River.  Oxbow Bend is one of Grand Teton National

Park's richest habitats.  It provides food, water, shelter and nesting sites for a variety of wildlife species.


Moose browse on willow and tender water plants.  Mergansers, teal and white pelicans find abundant food; otters swin and dive

playfully.  Near their nests, ospreys soar over the water in search of fish.  Beavers gnaw saplings for their river bank lodges.  In the

quiet backwater, cutthroat trout rise to the surface, and great blue herons fish silently in the shallows.


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text the sign features a picture of an Ariel view of the Snake River and Oxbow Bend.  A graphic showing the

formation of an oxbow and pictures of the various animals described are displayed on the sign.


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